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Thermic Fluid Life Improvement

Oil degradation.jpg

Any oil degrades when heated. There are many other reasons for degradation. Degradation cannot be avoided but can certainly, be reduced.


Degradation generates Low boilers which are to be removed by Deaeration process. If due to any reason deaeration is not taking place then flash point of the oil starts dropping,

Viscosity reduces. In such a case, the solution is:-

  1. Audit the system to find the real cause of improper deaeration. It could be low or high velocity or any other.

  2. Install “system relief” which removes low boilers, vapours online without stopping the plant.


High boilers generate sludge, carbon and makes the oil viscous. The normal method followed is sweetening the oil, that is blending it with fresh oil. While blending, some part of the existing oil is removed and equivalent fresh oil is added.

  1. The system may be audited to find out the cause of carbonisation.

  2. Install filtration system Fact-O to remove dirt, sludge, viscous oil and carbon from the system.

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