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Safety and System Audit


Any problem related to thermic fluid consist of three parts.

  1. Heat Generation.

  2. Heat Delivery

  3. Heat Utilisation or utility.


Not getting the temperature and, frequent oil failure could be problems related to either of these scenarios.

Operational problems

  1. Is my heater operating at full capacity?

  2. If not, what capacity it operating at?

  3. What is my heat load?

  4. Am I delivering sufficient required heat to the utility?

  5. Do I need a booster – secondary pump? If yes, what capacity? What type - Pressure booster / flow booster or both?

  6. Do I have sufficient expansion tank capacity?

Safeties and Maintenance

  1. What are the safety measures installed in the system?

  2. Are the existing safeties sufficient?

  3. Is my starting and stopping operation correct?

  4. Are my maintenance practices good?

  5. Measures to enhance oil life?

Many companies face similar problems and failure to address them could result in

  • Longer batch timing,

  • High fuel consumption,

  • Frequent oil failure,

  • Unsafe operations

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