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Who we are?

  • Mission: To make the Thermic Fluid System “Safe-n-Healthy” –

    • Safe to operate,
    • Healthy Thermic fluid,

    • Healthier heat transfer, 

    • Utilise Eco-friendly solutions,

    • Hassle Free maintenance solutions,

    • Generate value for our customers and stakeholders

  • Eximious Ventures Pvt. Ltd., ISO 9001 / 14001 certified company.


  • Associated with Utility such as Thermic fluid system, Boilers, Chilled water system, etc. since 1987 onwards. A long association with the Thermic fluid heater manufacturer, innovation, dedication, experience in Oil chemistry and Maintenance practices have made us the “Safe-n-Healthy” choice for our customers. 


I am Doctor

Thermic fluid.

Share your symptoms with us and get correct diagnostic treatment.

We understand thermic fluid better.

  • Combined experience of more than 100 years in the thermic fluid system.


  • Solved problems by finding the root cause and saved INR 300 million worth of oil.

  • Trained more than 1000 plus engineers in the thermic fluid system.


  • Designed - manufactured and serviced products to solve thermic

        fluid problems like low flash point, Carbon, High viscosity, leakages.


  • Designed and audited system in every segment such as,

    • Integrated Textiles – Process houses

    • Dyes & Dispersants

    • Rubber Industries – small parts – Tyre tubes

    • Plywood industries  -  readymade furnishing, MDF, Panels

    • Latex industries

    • Pesticides

    • Edible Oil

    • Synthetic fibre

    • Paints and Varnishes, polymers

    • Resin manufacturers – Paint industry

    • Readymade snacks, Packaged food frying

    • Biscuits manufacturers

                And much more to explore..

  • Low flash point?

  • High Viscosity?

  • Decarbonisation?

  • Filtration?

  • Acidity/Tan control?

  • Audit?

  • Training?


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We understand

thermic fluid better.


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