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On-Line Micro Filtration

micro Contamination Control System (mCCS)

On-Line Thermic Fluid System Micro Filtration System Fact-O

Can a human being live without kidneys?

Similarly -

Thermic fluid system needs Fact-O filtration!!


Why filtration?  

During the operations, hot oil degrades into high boilers and low boilers.

High boilers convert into carbon-based sludge/solids.


The carbon sludge and solids are heat resistant. They make fluid viscous.


Fact-O removes unwanted floating carbon, sludge & viscous oil

System Fact - O – Online thermic fluid micro filter   


System Fact-O acts like a kidney for Thermic fluid systems. It filters unwanted dirt, dust, viscous material and carbon from thermic fluid.

Fact-O 2 copy.jpg


thermic fluid

life Install

System Fact-O

and keep

oil clean. 

Carbon may cause -

  1. Higher viscosity

  2. Low heat transfer-

  3. High fuel consumption-

  4. Drop in efficiency-

  5. Higher pumping cost-

  6. Extreme case, coil puncture-

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