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System Fact-O

It is an on-line, continuous, side stream filter designed for thermic fluid system. The micro thermic fluid filtration system filters carbon, ash, corrosion products, thick viscous oil etc. and keeps the thermic fluid free of contaminants.

Fact-O 2 copy.jpg

The effects of viscosity –

On heat retransfer rate & power consumption


The (mCCS) Fact-O is designed to resolve the problem above. It filters the entire thermic fluid on-line, removes all the contaminants like carbon / ash / corrosion products / polymerized oil and maintains the thermic fluid in good condition. The mCCS Fact-O should be connected across the system.​


Case study example:

For a 50 KW motor


Time Technoplast   


AYM Syntex (Welspun Group)

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