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Training in the thermic fluid system

“Illiterate of the future will not be the person

 who cannot read,

But the one who does not know, How to learn?”

Invest in the Training?


  • Improper operations of thermic fluid may be a safety hazard


  • Better operations, maintenance will lead to “Safe-n-Healthy”™ operations of the Thermic fluid system.


  • Factory law in some states insists to keep thermic fluid heater under trained manpower.


Eximious design and conduct customised training programs for various levels such as operators, engineers.

Basic training on Do’s and Don’ts, Safeties, Oil parameters etc. can be conducted.


Eximious has conducted about 32 training programs all over India and trained more than 1000 engineers.

Why Training?


A leading safety 


Mr. Mohan Oak says that - 

“70% of accidents could be avoided by proper  training, Operating efficiencies improve by proper training, Trained operators help in improving the thermic fluid life”.


A leading chemical plant there was frequent oil failure and carbonisation problem was leading to fires in their thermic fluid system.

 Eximious conducted a training program for the operators, provided them with an easy system check, Do and Don’ Modified maintenance norms. Result –

  • No accidents.

  • Oil life increased,

  • Oil health maintained,

A few testimonials from

A leading textile industry Madhusudan, Surat 


Huber Group


Few Feedbacks from Webinar 

Customers serviced by us -

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