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Flash point below 170°C? It’s an alarming situation.

  • Reduction in flash point causes reduction in fire point

  • It also causes reduction in auto ignition temperature.

  • Chances of fire due to any leak increases.


The solution cannot be sweetening of oil all the time.

System hold up 30 KL, present flash point 130°C,

Flash point of new thermic fluid 220°C

Sweetening oil required to bring flash point to 190°C, 20 KL top up

At ₹ 130/liter, the cost of sweetening is ₹ 26 Lakh

Why System RELIEF ?

  • Upon heating the thermic fluid, low boilers and high boilers are generated. Low boilers should be vented out effectively and efficiently since they are not thermally stable.

  • Low boilers may produce carbon, carbonaceous mater, polymerized matter etc. Low boilers may also bring down the flash point of the oil.  Lower flash point is safety hazard.

  • These low boilers are removed from the system through deaeration tank. However, sometimes deaeration tank is not efficient in removing low boilers that have accumulated in the system.

Salient features of System RELIEF :

  • Works “on-line”, and improves thermic fluid life.

  • Increases flash point.

  • Mends low viscosity of the thermic fluid.

  • Easy to install and maintain.

  • The environmentally friendly system.

  • It saves oil, and the process gets better by saving costly replacements and shutdowns.

Customers serviced by us -



provides the

necessary mechanical


force to separate the low boilers

on-line, efficiently and effectively.

System RELIEF – as the name suggest, is designed to relieve the operation and maintenance team from the thermic fluid related issues.

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