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Our Achievements

  • Helped in saving 20 Lakh plus liters of thermic fluid worth INR 300 million from discard.


  • We have patents applied in our name.


  • We have design patents registered in our name.


  • Recognised as a Research paper reviewer in International journals like Elsevier.


  • Published books related to the Thermic fluid system.

  • Published articles in various journals – magazines.


  • Trained about 1000 plus engineers in TF systems all over India.

Elsevier Certificate copy

A 1000 cr plus company, 70kl hold up of the thermic fluid system, the flash point was dropping to 130°C frequently. Continuous topping of fresh oil was required to maintain the flashpoint.


Eximious accepted the challenge and found the solution:

  1. Audited the system, identified the problem,

  2. Identified the root cause of the problem.

  3. Developed the solution.

  4. Designed, manufactured and installed “system RELIEF” to improve the flash point.


Three months of continuous operation,

Online - no production stoppage and

the flash point  improved to more than 190°C

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