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Macstar Macgraph The readymade gasket

  • Specially designed gaskets for Thermic fluid system

  • Best gaskets for the designed temperatures and pressures

  • Soft – manufactured to size

  • Ease of installation and stocking

  • Resilience property – controls leakage due to expansion and contraction

  • Macgraph is available in all sizes specified by customer – ready to use form.

  • Use Macstar Macgraph and forget the leak - The readymade gasket


Precautions to avoid flange leak:

  • The gasket may be Expanded graphite gasket - Macgraph™ which has resilience property or Spiral wound – graphite filled is also preferred.

  • Use of Belleville washers to counter for pressure surges.

  • Select Nut bolts suitable for high tension – high-temperature duty.

  • Prevent flange leak from entering insulation.

  • Install grooved flange guard..

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