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Methods of cleaning the thermic fluid system

There are two methods for cleaning the thermic fluid system,​


  1. Water-based

  2. Oil-based On-Line - Off-L

Water-based cleaning :  

  • In case of water-based cleaning system, the total time required is higher (few days to few weeks) because the entire quantity of water used for cleaning should be removed from the system.


Oil Based Cleaning:  

  • Oil-based cleaning may be on-Line or off-Line.

  • Depending upon the oil report, the carbon may be loosened up by using Thermclean-OL – online decarbonising chemical. It will loosen the polymeric carbon by breaking the bond, removing amorphous carbon and bringing it into a floating condition.

  • Installed online, side stream system Fact-O will remove the suspended carbon.

Water may pose

three problems:

  • It forms unstable

        emulsions with oil, which

        will reduce the life of oil.

  • It induces internal corrosion of the system. The corroded areas provide anchorage for depositions.

  • Once heated water changes to steam occupies more volume and pushes hot thermic fluid out of the system.

Water cleaning is a safety hazard.


Thermclean-OL can be used upto 300°C and it is compatible with any mineral or synthetic oil.

Oil based chemicals like Thermclean-XL™ clean and decarbonise the entire system using old thermic fluid only. Even some other waste oils can be utilized as media.


There is no time delay or safety hazard for start-up of the system. Some traces of Thermclean-XL will not have any adverse effect on the system. They will vent off once the system is commissioned.

Use Thermclean for complete cleaning

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