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Keep your thermic fluid system healthy​

  • Has the flashpoint of the thermic fluid reduced to an alarming level (less than 170°C)?

        Eximious helps to improve your flashpoint, Call or write to EVPL. 

  • Is the TAN number of the thermic fluid high (More than 1.5)?

  • Are you facing the problem of excess acidity in the thermic fluid (TAN > 1.5)?

        Eximious helps in improving the TAN number, Call or write to EVPL.

  • Are you facing carbonization problems (Insolubles > 1%)?

  • Do you need Decarbonisation of the thermic fluid system (Insolubles > 1%)?

        Eximious provides decarbonisation services, Call or write to EVPL.

  • Is your thermic fluid viscous (Viscosity more than 25% of the original value)?

  • Does the Thermic fluid need filtration?

        Eximious provides On-line filtration solutions, Call or write to EVPL.

  • Are your pumps or valves leaking profusely?

        Eximious provides a solution to arrest the leaking thermic fluid from pumps 

        and valves, Call or write to EVPL.

Till now,


We saved more than

20 lakh liters of oil.


from discard.

Before changing the thermic fluid,


Please talk to us,

Let us try & save oil

  • Are you analyzing the Thermic fluid every quarter?

        If not, please do so. It helps in identifying oil degradation in time. For proper sampling method,

        Call or write to EVPL.

  • Key to the correct analysis is rightly drawn sample,

        Eximious provides a procedure to draw the thermic fluid sample correctly. Call or write to EVPL.

Eximious offers free comments on the thermic fluid reports.

  • Is your thermic fluid system giving the desired output?

        Eximious can help in any of the above activity, Call or write to EVPL.

  • Are you wasting your thermal energy?

        Eximious can audit the system & find improvements, Call or write to EVPL.

  • Do you want to audit your hot oil system?

        Eximious can carry out the System Audit, Call or write to EVPL.

  • Wrong design of your system may avoid future problems?

        Eximious can help in designing the system properly, Call us or write to EVPL.

  • Do you want to train your people in the thermic fluid system operations, safety?

        Eximious custom designs and conducts the training of the people, call or write to EVPL.

  • Decarbonising

  • Filtration

  • Training

  • Audit

  • Design

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