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Flange Packing

Why Thermic Fluid Flange leaks?

  • #150/300 flanges are selected as per duty conditions.

  • The flanges may leak due to Mechanical tensions, Stress, uneven surfaces etc which are installation related problems.

  • Selecting gasket compatible with chemical properties of acidic nature of TF, pressure, and temperature is necessary.

  • The gaskets should be compatible with the viscosity of thermic fluid at various temperatures.

  • Expansion contraction due to heating and cooling may cause variable pressure on the gasket. 

  • If installation and gasket selection is good then this may be the prime cause of the leak.

Thermic fluid is a critical application as -

  • Leaked thermic fluid comes in contact with air.

  • Hot oil in contact with air degrades.

  • Oxidised degraded thermic fluid may catch fire.

  • Safety is the utmost importance.




and forget the leak - The readymade gasket

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