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Macstar Valvepac

Effective Fugitive Emissions Control Packing Sets

  • MACSTAR VALVEPAC is engineered in custom made rings that boost each other for effective sealing on valve stuffing boxes.

  • Control packing for valve stem sealing for Thermic fluid duty.

  • The packing rings expand, take shape of the stuffing box and stem contour to provide complete blockage of leak path along the stuffing box or stem. 

  • All components are resistant to osmotic body leakages.

  • The primary seal is achieved right at the bottom and complemented by the secondary seal and followed up by free sized, contour occupying packing rope.

  • With all these features, Macstar Valvepac becomes obvious choice for all Thermic fluid valve stuffing boxes, over the conventional packings.

The valves

packed by

Macstar Valvepac

are guaranteed for

Virtual leakage free performance for 3 years.

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